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Bathroom Remodels in Houston Texas



Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Houston Texas

If you live in the Houston Texas area and are considering renovating your bathroom, you're in the right place.

We handle a bathroom remodel, capable of giving you a nice place to visit to clear your mind or enjoy privacy.

Few places inside a home have the ability to give you privacy. While we often take a quick shower to start the work day, we don't stop to think that there is so much you can take advantage of.

Imagine a Sunday without work where you take time for yourself, and consider going to your bathroom to relax with soft music, fragrant smells and a beautiful bathtub with warm water to refresh yourself and clear so many thoughts that overwhelm your head.

Start enjoying these privileges and if you are here it is because you already want to go to the next level.

bathroom remodel

Have you been looking for bathroom remodeling services in the Houston, Texas area?

Do you want results for your bathroom remodel, but don't have the budget?

It can be a real pain to have to renovate the bathroom.

If you're worried that the cost of bathroom remodeling services will send you into debt, relax. At KB Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel, we offer competitive pricing and have a wide range of bathroom services that are ideal for helping you save money on your bathroom remodel. Talk to us about your project and we'll get back to you with a custom quote before the end of the day.

We strive to help homeowners turn their boring, outdated bathroom into a stunning new space. You can remodel just your bath or shower, convert your bathroom into a shower, plan for the future by installing a spacious bathtub or remodel your entire bathroom from the bottom (floor) to the top. We have a variety of styles, colors and patterns to match your home, needs and budget. We have a variety of styles, colors and patterns to match your home, needs and budget. Get the pleasurable bathroom experience you deserve!

We even have handicap accessible bathroom options, such as spacious bathtubs, barrier-free showers and tub-to-shower conversions to make bathing easier. All of our acrylic bathtub and shower options are easy to clean and will make your bathroom look great!

We carry a wide range of bath and shower accessories, including shower carts, handheld shower wands and handicap accessible accessories such as safety seats and grab bars to make your bathing experience safer and more enjoyable.



Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Styles

We tell you what we can do:

bathroom remodelers houston

Bathrooms with striking profiles.

bathroom remodels houston

Modern bathrooms with shower.

Bathrooms with suspended countertops.

Bathrooms with suspended countertops.

Bathroom with integrated dressing room.

Bathroom with integrated dressing room.

Bathrooms with wooden frames

Bathrooms with wooden frames.

Bathrooms with delimited and suspended toilets

Bathrooms with delimited and suspended toilets.

bathroom remodel.

Spacious and elegant bathrooms.

bathroom remodel

Elegant and modern bathroom mirror.

Bathrooms with safety measures

There are many ways in which an accident can happen in the bathroom and no age is exempt from suffering.

That's why we think about the family and if you live alone, it is possible that you will live many stages in which you will need to change the way you go to the bathroom.

With more than 10 years of experience working in the remodeling industry, we have the ability to give you recommendations that you may not have considered when planning your bathroom renovation.

Details such as floor texture to prevent slipping, glass that is resistant to accidental bumps, cabinets and countertops with child-safe edges, and even bathroom handles for people with mobility difficulties.

Bathrooms with safety measures

Everything we can Renovate in your Bathrooms

bathroom constructor

We put tile on the walls of the bathtubs and floors.

bathroom constructor

We install vanities.

bathroom constructor

We paint the bathroom.

bathroom constructor

We modify the walls.

bathroom constructor

Install countertops.

bathroom constructor

We change and install cabinets.

What happens during a bathroom remodel in Houston?

Remodeling a bathroom is a good opportunity to turn it into the sanctuary you need to relax. Who doesn't enjoy spending time in the bathroom? It's a sacred temple! So think carefully about how you want it.

After you do the planning and demolish the bathroom, you and your team of contractors are tasked with choosing from many options for new lighting, flooring, bathtub and shower fixtures, toilet and vanity.

If you plan to live in your current home for a long time, it's good to have thought ahead when you decided to begin remodeling. You need a safe and comfortable bathroom if you don't want it to be falling apart after a few months. This way you will be making a good investment and not wasting your money.

Make sure the lighting is adequate for your needs. Who bathes peacefully with lights that look like a horror movie? You won't even be able to shave properly if you can't see clearly, so don't forget to take that into account.

When all the necessary plumbing, electrical and structural improvements are completed, it's time for you to start enjoying what you've been longing for, a bathroom made for you, your personal sanctuary. If you haven't decided on a contractor yet, KB Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel is here to help you with your dream.

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